Carbon Black is in everyday and specialty products.

The Scientific Advisory Group or SAG is composed of world-class scientists in various disciplines of interest to the Association, including occupational medicine, epidemiology, toxicology and industrial hygiene. The Association appoints members of the SAG.

Acting in accordance with the strategies and direction provided by the Association, the SAG advises the Association regarding scientific matters. Specific duties of the SAG include:

  1. Keeping Association representatives abreast of scientific issues related to carbon black.
  2. Assessing the need for appropriate research to further the strategies established by the Association.
  3. Assisting the Association in the development of requests for research proposals, recommending institutions to conduct research, monitoring the progress of research, and reviewing draft reports of research studies prior to publication.
  4. Developing appropriate scientific symposia and workshops.
  5. Providing expertise on specific issues.


International Carbon Black Association Bibliography - PDF