Carbon Black is in everyday and specialty products.

The International Carbon Black Association (ICBA) is a scientific, non-profit corporation originally founded in 1977. The purpose of the ICBA is to sponsor, conduct, and participate in investigations, research, and analyses relating to the health, safety, and environmental aspects of the production and use of carbon black.

The Association is managed and administered by a Board of Directors appointed by the member companies. This Board of Directors sets strategy and provides overall direction to the The Scientific Advisory Group and the regional Product Safety and Regulatory Committees (PSRCs), while integrating and overseeing the activities of the SAG and PSRCs to determine objectives and priorities.

There are four entities that report to the Board and execute the strategy and priorities that have been established. These include the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) and the North American, European and Asian Product Safety and Regulatory Committees (PSRC).

Please note: Information about the carbon black market or markets is outside of the scope of the ICBA; in fact, the Association affirmatively prohibits discussions about such topics among its members in its policies for compliance with applicable antitrust and competition laws. Information about the carbon black market or markets is likely available through commercial sources, although the ICBA is unable to verify or otherwise comment upon such information. Please contact your carbon black supplier for further information.

ICBA Carbon Footprint Statement - PDF

ICBA PAH Statement (01/14) - PDF

ICBA Dust Handling - PDF

ICBA Self-Heating Statement with Chilworth Report - PDF

ICBA Member Companies:

Birla Carbon
Cabot Corporation
Cancarb Limited
Continental Carbon
Orion Engineered Carbons
Tokai Carbon CB